We build and install custom fences that are fit for residential or commercial needs. Due to the materials we source and our cutting edge installation process, you can be rest assured that your fencing is built to last. We’ll consult with you to ensure you choose a fence material that fits your aesthetic, functional requirements, and budget.


  • Create privacy to secure your yard and protect your family and pets 

  • Classic rustic design for yard, a staple in the Chicago area

  • Natural product to Chicago conditions, extremely durable (natural oils in wood prevent rotting and decay)

  • Easy to stain (we offer a staining service), making your cedar fence an array of colors that fit your personal preference


  • Add style and a boundary to your yard

  • Ornamental style with almost zero maintenance  

  • Power-coated aluminum fences: strengthens fence from the sun, winter elements, and lets you pick from two beautiful colors ( black or bronze ) to match your yard 



We pride ourselves on being an in-house crew, with an average of 25 years of experience for each crew member. We’ll complete installation in a timely, clean manner, and you can expect excellent communication throughout. After project completion, our highly-trained foremen will inspect the work to ensure all expectations are met.


  • Provides privacy and security

  • With a lot of advancements made in vinyl fence manufacturing over the last 10 years, this fence allows for low maintenance and longevity with a range of colors that can match your yard


  • Style adds a touch of elegance to your home, made from galvanized steel and power coated

  • The most sturdy type of fence, difficult to tear down or break through